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We would like to share with each one of you some information about the Countries Participation and other activities to be held during the Festival. Please share this information with the general public.

This year Festival will take place on the weekend of September 18th-20th; on Friday and Saturday will be in downtown Lexington at the Courthouse Plaza; Sunday will be the Health Fair (12:00 to 4:00) at the Masterson Station Park.
People of ALL the Latin American countries have the opportunity to represent their country in the Festival in different ways but mainly thru the following events:
– Parade of Country Flags: to be held during the inaugural event which this year will happen about 7:00 pm on Friday September 18th. There is an opportunity for  up to three people to represent their country; we provide the flag; please dress with clothing typical of your country or simply dress in white;  participants should arrive by 6:00 pm to line up and to receive final instructions. This event is coordinated by Livis Bernhard ( 859-559-2825, bernhardlivis@yahoo.com); please ask potential participants to get in touch with Livis to confirm their participation on it;
Country Booths: a 10×10 tent, 1 table, 2 chairs, and a sign is provided for people from a country to put together an exhibit showing any informational, cultural or artistic expression of their country; we also provide up to $200.00 to help them to cover the expenses of their exhibit. The exhibit will be done on Saturday September 19 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm; organizers of the booth can start working on it by 12:00 noon so that we are ready to open by 4:00. Jacobo Aragon (859-576-6506,simplyoaxaca@aol.com) is helping to coordinate this event;
Countries Stage Performance: to be held on Saturday, from 4:00 to 7:00 we will have performances from different countries on the main stage of the Festival; these are about 10 minute presentations per country showing different aspects of the art or culture of their country; in the past we have dances, singing, and different parades. Please let Livis know about potential participation on this event.
 Latino Artists Live! to be held on  Saturday, from 4:00 to 8:00 on a large tent where different Latino artists will be showing and talking about their arts. We are expecting to have painters, sculptures, writers, singers, and many other during the event. Jackie Arakaki, Chair of the FLACA Arts and Culture Committee is coordinating this event; she can be reach at 859-433-8593.
– Country Food Vendors: we also have limited number of spaces available for food vendors; we are looking for food diversity and have many opportunities available . Please let us know if you know of anybody who is interested in selling food from Latin American country in the Festival (we already have a strong offering of Mexican food).
Bo Delgado is helping with the Festival coordination this year. Please contact Bo with any question about vendors, sponsorship opportunities, performers, and any other question about the Festival. Bo can be reached by phone at 612-545-8429 or by email atBoDelgado@FLACAKY.org.
Rosa Martin coordinates the Festival Health Fair (Sunday at the Masterson Station Park). Rosa can be reached at 859-967-6430.
Freddy Peralta is FLACA Festival Latino Committee Chair. Freddy can be reached by phone at 859-225-1700 or by email atFPeralta@FLACAKY.org.
Any media inquire is handle by Jacobo Aragon ( simplyoaxaca@aol.com). Jacobo is the Chair of FLACA Public Relations Committee.

 Freddy E. Peralta

  Chair Festival Latino Committee

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